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Stock your case with North America’s best tasting gluten free pizza! Now available in over 500 locations, Deli international branded gluten free pizzas are sure to heat up sales in your pizza section. With a strong marketing and introductory program, we’ll get off to a fast start and support the brand for the long haul.


Private Label Pizza Sales have grown in a declining overall frozen pizza market. And Gluten Free sales have increased double digits every year. DI Manufacturing’s “Your Brand” Private Label Pizza capitalized on both of those explosive trends in category.

The “Your Brand” gluten free pizzas can be manufactured by DI Manufacturing, a leader in producing premium private label gluten free pizzas. The products are 3rd generation gluten free formulation and are winning taste test after taste test across the country. Very similar private label pizzas produced by DI Manufacturing are smashing sales expectations at leading retailers across the country!

Gluten Free consumers are very loyal to stores that offer them the products they prefer and with and estimated 18 million people in the U.S with at least some form of gluten sensitivity, it is a segment tat is large and here to stay. Take advantage of the biggest trend in the frozen pizza category and stock DI’s new “Your Brand” All Natural Gluten Free pizzas in your freezer section soon.


Delivered Frozen so you can fill the Take n’ Bake cooler in the morning and pizzas will be ready to go in hours. Available in Gluten Free Cheese and Gluten Free Pepperoni.



We are America’s #1 contract manufacturer of gluten free pizzas! Let our team work with you to develop a successful line extension into gluten free, the fastest growing segment in the frozen pizza category.

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